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A [[http://svn.pointless.nl/viewvc/viewvc.cgi/svn/trunk/projects/chklinks/|development snapshot]] can be found in SVN. A [[http://svn.pointless.nl/svn/trunk/projects/chklinks/|development snapshot]] can be found in SVN.


chklinks is a small program that checks if links on a webpage are working and reports broken links.

I started to develop it when I noticed that several websites I was maintaining contained lots of broken links. Instead of manually checking all links on each page, I developed this program to do it automatically.

chklinks has been developed for UNIX-based systems, but is only tested on Linux and *BSD.



  • recent UNIX-based system (Linux or *BSD will do)
  • a C compiler

Run configure to detect the environment and to create the Makefile:

# ./configure

Compile chklinks:

# make

Install chklinks:

# make install


The latest version was released on 31 march 2007: chklinks-20070331.tar.gz

A development snapshot can be found in SVN.


The CheckLinksManual contains all documentation needed to use chklinks.

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