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A [[http://svn.pointless.nl/viewvc/viewvc.cgi/svn/trunk/projects/ppbot/|development snapshot]] can be found in SVN. A [[http://svn.pointless.nl/svn/trunk/projects/ppbot/|development snapshot]] can be found in SVN.


Almost every IRC geek has written an IRC robot, and so did I. Peter's pointless IRC bot (ppbot) is an IRC bot, written as a simple alternative for the popular eggdrop. The goal was to write a secure, lightweight and stable bot that can be extended with plugins. One feature it must have is to read web feeds such as RSS and Atom, and it does this successfully.

I'm not planning to make further improvements to this bot, but feel free to reuse the code for your own bot. All code is licensed under a two clause BSD license.

ppbot has been developed for UNIX-based systems, such as Linux and *BSD and might run on a few others.



  • recent UNIX-based system
  • a C compiler
  • (f)lex
  • yacc or bison
  • libxml2 (if not found, the web feed plugin will be disabled)

Run configure to detect the environment and to create the Makefiles:

# ./configure

Compile ppbot:

# make

Compile the plugins for ppbot:

# cd plugins && make 

There is no installation step, but I recommend to create a special user account for the bot and put the files in this users' directory.


The latest version was released on 7 january 2008: ppbot-20080107.tar.gz

A development snapshot can be found in SVN.


There are three manual pages for ppbot, which can be found in the doc directory of the tarball.

The manual pages are also available online: IrcBotManual, IrcBotConfManual, FeedConfManual.

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