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[[http://pointless.nl/~peter/images/SudokuSolver.png|{{http://pointless.nl/~peter/images/SudokuSolver_small.png|Sudoku Solver}}]] {{attachment:SudokuSolver_small.png|Sudoku Solver|align=right}}


Sudoku Solver

This is a simple sudoku solver that solves a sudoku by using the backtracking algorithm.

You can enter values in the solver by clicking on the grid and then pressing 1 .. 9. Values can be removed by pressing the delete button. Press the solve button to start solving the sudoku. You can enable the delay to see how the backtracking process advances (this is only useful to demonstrate how backtracking works).

There are two built-in sudoku's which can be loaded by pressing the numeric pad buttons 1 or 2.


There is no installation step, you can start the sudoku solver by running SudokuSolver.jar from the zip file below.


The sudoku solver can be downloaded here: SudokuSolver.zip

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